Monday, June 15, 2009

maRi maKan Patin..

i just lurve ikan paTin...

seriously i didn't do cooking..
i'm sucks in cooking..
but today i manage to cook a set of 'masak lemak cili api ikan patin' & 'kailan Goreng' + 'Telur dadar'
and i'm surprised my brother ask me to add on some extra fish .... lapar sangat ke? (sorry bro.. letih suddah masak.. mau makan lagi goreng sendri then cebur je dlm itu kuah..wkakakak).

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Monday BLueS..!!!~

aku sangat malas mau kerja esok...

seriously i'm not in the mood to start working after about 2 weeks hanging around doing nothing..
2 weeks of holiday should be enough for me to refresh myself... but i never did..
true .. i'm not doing my official job..i'm resting from working... but my mind didn't...
it seem like my mind won't let my brain from taking the holiday...
i've been doing lots of thinking recently.. don't ask me what did i think about..
i didn't know how to answer that!!~
maybe i need a proper vacation where i spent my time alone peacefully in an island maybe?? haha

i'm counting days for the next school break...mwakakkaka..

My BuddieS anD I..!!~
-={LurvE Ya...}=-

Saturday, June 13, 2009

haPpy FatheR's day ..!!~

i never had the chance to
confess that i lurve you...
but i want u to know that i do..
happy father's day abah...

-[with lurve]-
uYa, aiSH, Uda, aBanG, Yan

P/s: to all the fathers and father's to be... happY father's day buddies !!!~..
{smuga jadi aYah YanG TerbaeK buat sahaBaT-sahabaT ku!!~}

p/p/s: sLamat hari bapa inchek... may aLL the happiness be with You!!~ (-_-')

Friday, June 12, 2009

Dedicated To.. [You Know who You aRE..!!~]

wake up and Figure out something..
don't let thing hanging just like that..
stop playing around.. you're not a teenager anymore..
you may not realized that someone is hurt because of u..
don't act like nothing goes wrong..
that's not good dear..
don't simply take everything as easy as ur abnormal life..
wake up and be normal...
people smiling at u doesn't meant they like u...
people laughing with u doesn't meant that they're laughing inside too..
they just wanna you to be happy..
don't just think of ur own self...
think of other people too..
wake up and try to change...!!~

p/s: May all The HappineSS be WiTh You...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

aRggGGggGHHHHH !!~

this is what happen when u have to do someone else work..
delay..delay... delay..
sangat x ikhlas..
and it'll end up by paying someone else to finish it up for u..hahaha

sorry areteam.. terpaksa susahkan ko.. aku sangat..sangat xde mood nak buat data entry ni..hehe
i'll pay u later ya..huhu

wasn't born to be a cook.!!~

i'm not a good homemaker..

i can't cook..
i can't clean up the house..
i can't even fold the clothes neatly..
i can't even manage myself..
how can i be a good homemaker?


it's been a week me and mom wasn't at home..
nothing much in the fridge to be cook..
it took a while before i decide to actually cook..
no fresh vegetable .. no meat or anything else other than couple of fishes..
it remind me how i survive in campus..
illegally bring my rice cooker, me and my friend cook lots of meal..
we cook tom yum.. mushroom soup... fried rice.. cekodok.. porridge..
we even cook mee hun soup with that rice cooker..

pengalaman... pengalaman....
rendu pulak kt ukm.. kt chermai college...
being a student surely teach me lot's of thing..

Kentang goreng.. sangat senang di masak with rice cooker..
in fact we don't need fridge to keep the potato isn't it? huhu

dip it with mayonaise or chili sauce.. nyum nyum..

so LittLe Time so MucH To Do...!!!~

I have Lot's of work to be done..
as usual.. i'm delaying my work... haha
i'm always like that...
whenever i got lots of works to be done.. i'm delaying...
what's the exact word huh?? Procrastinating??
instead of finishing my works.. i'm blogging?? hahaha..

a day before my lips turn scary..huhu

playing with photoscapes

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

BaD mouth???

some people have allergy of their own...
some people allergy to shrimp paste..
some people allergy to dust..
some people allergy to sea food..
some people allergy to fruit..etc..
me?? i'm allergy to anything with shrimp paste...dust and this fruit called kuini..

my face get itchy whenever i ate anything with shrimp paste or whenever i'm in a space with lots of dust..

i get itchy lips whenever i ate kuini... and it's not just itchy.. it become like this....

scary huh??

but it wasn't caused by a kuini..i just knew it..... i keep thinking what did i eat that cause all this... but i found nothing... i didn't eat kuini lately... hurm... was it because that turkish candy my aunt gave to me? i don't know.. but i hate this... it's hurt.. and it's ugly to have that weird thing on ur lips... adoi lah....

this is my lip condition 3 days ago..

it's getting worse day by day... sakit oOo.. bila nak kering luka ni??!!~ arGhhhH

a Pack weeK - eNd??!!~

iT's a schooL holiDay.. everyone knew that.. what else can I do other than thinking hard where should i go spending my on.. (like i have much..huh)

since i didn't follow my mom to Bukit Tinggi.. I decided to drive mY abby to aMpang lpak2 with akak, my cousin.. furthermore i already promised my long time buddy Kamarul 'sLam' shahir & zaYana Zahira to hang out with them.. ask pacat, my '7 years younger than me' cousin to accompany me.. paid her a sum of money since she had to close her ABC stall for several days..she insist to drive her car.. i was like.."oh sure!!~" (driving her car mean i don't need to drive at all... YeaY!!~... i don't drive 'auto' maa).. though i know i have to double up the expenses by bringing pacat but still.. i don't have to drive..hahahaha...

Left Muar around 6-7 pm, on tuesday then arrived at ampang 2 and a half hour later.. 'Laju'?? hell yeah... but not as 'laju' as my abby performance (on the highway lah i meant...huhu).. don't go anywhere that nite since it's nite already..

The next day we went to sunway Piramid to done some window shopping and meet CT Tito,my buddy since matriculation.. but she didn't show up due to some miscommunication..hahaha... i need a new pair of shoe for outing.. decided to buy another sckechers or crocs lor but guess what?? i didn't know why it's hard to find size 7 for this 2 Label.. (normally i'm the easiest one to get suitable size for my feet..).. oh .. it's not hard to get maa.. it's "size 7 da habis.." then i ask for another design. it goes "pun da abis" the same answer i get to all design i choose.. i even ask for the ugliest design and still i get "size 8 ada lah.."... wTF... is not happening at sunway branch only maa... i get the same answer for Mid Valley outlet... huh.. told my cousin "aku rasa crocs n sckechers da x buat lah size 7"...wakakakka... I end up with no shoes in my shopping bag maa... Luckily i bought a pair of Dr Cardin sandal since my mom wear my old skechers to Bukit Tinggi before.. Looking for converse saja lah after this... (-_-'). shoes are out from the shopping list.. i need to find a wallet to replace the current one.. and i found what my eyes lurve to see... an army green united colours of benetton with genuine leather.. (i know.. it's not guess..mng or anything expensive lor..but still i can save half the price of a rm400 wallet by choosing this one...erk.. before less lor..huhu)

thanx goodness i met cik Na at mid valley utk lupakan seketika my frustration..mwahahaha... cik na looks like sheila rusly lah lately.. why ah? is it because she's a wartawan hiburan who full with gossip?? hahaha... promise cik na i'll buy her lunch but i'm too late to pay for her veggie..sorry cik na (sorry juga for didn't have the chnce to bring my abah 'satay goreng' hehe)..hehe.. sLam buy us dinner last nite.. (me, z and pacat).. i have to meet him course i've promised to test out his d90 (strong reason ka?..wakakka)... no lah.. i've to meet him because he's my best buddy lor.. even my mom n aunts knew him.. so it's kinda safe to go anywhere with him after this..hahaha.. (oh.. mak.. slam kem salam..)

i met cik na already.. slam..z.. bentayan degil + don firdaus (not in the plan... but thanx guys for the tips...huhu)... who else ya....(rewinding memories... scanning..scanning...) oh ya.. went to gurl's to visit her and he kids.. they are growing fast.. the last time i visit them irfan is like a new born who knows nothing... now? irfan is so chomey running here and there... climbing the chairs etc.... hehe.... who else did i met ya..oh no.. that's all.. itu saje yang sudi jumpa aku kah? haha.. (oh shoot.. i forgot to meet aisha asmir & mamat sh4rp...adoi abis lah jd bahan..)

now u know why did i always in KL? i've friends there lor.. next holiday i'm planning for ... where else Penang + utara lor... my fave place..huhu.. have my northern brothers there...

Heading back to Muar, johor, saTurday 6 am in the morning...planning to change the car then heading to Kempas, johor for our parent's cousin wedding at first.. un fortunately my car battery was totally kong maa.. (can't even unlock the alarm..) we have to do what we have to do first lah.. need to change battery with pacat's car to start the engine.. went to workshop to changed pacat's fused since my very clever cousin, jeman suddah salah pasang cable battery maa.. then we heading to pagoh to park pacat's car at our uncle's house and drive fast & furiously (i'm driving lah) to kempas.. by the time we arrived at pagoh.. the other group was like already in machap area... we are about 20-30 minutes behind them.. but we managed to catch them up at kempas higway exit (of course they need to wait a little bit lah... not more than 15 minute i guess..enough for their w.c stop..huhu)

the next day i need to pick mum up at malacca and went back home.. Muar - Rengit was only about 2 and a half hours journey but i need to stop twice one for fuel stop and the 2nd one was for refreshment.. i was too sleepy to drive but i need to drive since mom was surrender from driving already.. she had a very long journey from bukit tinggi - Dumai and she need her rest.. (macam lah mak nk drive my car..ceh).. the main reason that we have to get back home that night was because both of us were working on monday..wakakakak... Letih oOOoo..

Don Firdaus - Thanx for The eDiting tips

HusnY 'BenTayan' Rizal - Thanx sebab ajak lpak2..huhu

Gurl's Precious... [Imran, sYarmin & iRfan]

Cik Puan ZaYana ZahiRa Isa

En KamaRuL 'SLamDunk' ShahiR Karim..

On the way To Gurl's place..

I'm in such a hurry.. Diorg sebuk2 nak amek gambar..huh

The Cam wHorers cousin... huhu

slam witH His D NooTY [eh tu ayie nyer..hehe]

A pReGger need Lots oF Folic Acid Lor..

p/s: sorry u have to read my rambling..huhu

Monday, June 8, 2009

HeadaChe oh heaDacHe..!!~

Responding to Miss ClueLess FiLa's bLog...!!~

weird huh??
they said coffee & migraine Can't get along..
but why did this article stated that coffee (dust) + lime can cure headache?
it taste good too..
even korean lurve this drink..(seen in korean movie lor..huhu)

p/s: i get the wrong idea all this time... i've been drinking ice lime coffee everytime i got headache...(purposely actually since i don't drink hot beverages..hoho)
plus i replace the lime with 'limau kasturi'..huhu

Friday, June 5, 2009

aKoE seDeY..!!~

don't know why..
out of nowhere i'm a little bit sad lately.. i guess...
my heart is crying out.... the tears try to get out but i prevent it so hard from falling ..
the expression are unpredictable..
one minute i came out with a happy face....
one minute later i was like eating 100Kg of tamarind...
another minute i was like no emotion...
don't know what am I thinking but i'm sure i don't like those feeling...
feel like crying but forcing myself not to...
kinda tired from having those feeling.. it makes me looks stupid...
give me haedache that force me to take paracetamol to reduce it....
but still i don't know what to do..

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

what would u do when u have to wait??


CamwHorinG lah.. what else do u expect when u only have ur HP and ur camera with u... no books or magz to be read maa....huhu

wondering what i'm waiting for...?

This is what i'm waiting at... (Lama giler nk berlepas..)


This is why... mummy is leaving us for the whole week!!~ :'(


THere.. but not jusT there... she's going to PadanG...

With whoM?

Them... minus those 2 young lady in bLack... (they just lurve interframing..huhu)

and This me and MoM...

i knew it... i wasn't meant to be a typist!!~

seen this TesT on CLueLessBaby's bLog

the result??

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