Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lalalalala.........!!!~ [tiada rahsia di BaLi...!!~]

it's been a quite some times since i last rambling here..
sangat tdak ade mood utk merapu..

it's a school holiday now.. and it's already started with a short visit to sg congkak for a photo-gathering a day before a wonderful holiday trip to bali with my sepang heroes... i'm thinking of start rambling again.. i'll try to spend couple of minutes rambling before signing in my facebook and yahoo messenger... (said "i'll try"... try meant "cuba" ok??..huhuh)

Last week i when for a trip to the wonderful island of Bali with my sepang heroes, Joe, Amin, Arul, Helmi and FadhiL (well fadhil is not exactly a sepang heroes but he can be anything babes.. a barong and hanuman also can..huhu).. it's my 1st time meeting helmi and arul but they're cool... seems like all of us been a close friends for ages although we're only meet up for couple of times..sangat bley masuk kepala... the trip can be categorized as a succesful trip since everyone seems satisfied with the well-plan iteanary...(credit for my aunt who get us the best tourist guide in Bali...i guess..hehe)..

i when to Bali with the intention to have fun.. unlike my sepang heroes... they when there for photo hunt! i don't give a damn of getting the best photo i could actually get there.. with one unit of my lovely munchkin, nikon attach to 18-55 f3.5-5.6 and 70-300 f4-5.6 as standby and a unit of canon 1D mk II (a generous someone lend me this unit and i need to explore it in 4 days) attached to 15mm fish eye and 24-70 f2.8 waiting to be use... i produced a rubbish... everyone even mom, b and aunts said that my pix are rubbish... they put a higher expectation on me... but all they see are rubbish... feeling frustrated with myself.. i put away my external harddisk and start grabbing a novel that i haven't finish reading since last year..hahaha.. untill the time i'm writing this article.. i haven't even finish reading one page..haha.. i open up the novel..then close it.. i stare at my external hdd.. thinking of uploading my pix... then i lost interest...i'm browsing my facebook... then i ignoring it... daymnnn i really started to feel the frustration... if only i could turn back time .. i probably gonna capture as much pix i could with my munchkin... my tiny d40x.. feel bad ..really bad.. coz that generous someone lend me his camera and expecting an eye-catching pix from his 1D mk II... all i gave him was a rubbish.. i wasted his shutter released for nothing.. sgt teruk kan?? i even drop his battery pack.. x psal2 cacat battery beliau.. i'm sucks!!~

i hope i could do better in jakarta-bandung this 18-21 dec.. (got a family trip there with mom, aish and uya + aunts and cousins...) i'll try to capture better pix there lor...but............ bandung is a shopping heaven....i wanna go shopping come?? shopping and photo-hunt can't mix lor..huhu..owh forgot... i suddah sengkek.. cannot go shopping anymore :'( ....

before bandung-jakarta trip there will be a mersing holiday gathering with my ippm bff.. and a klantan - trengganu trip sponsored by my school..(sponsor tambang je pun..yang laen sendri gak...huh).. harap2 smua plan jadik lah.. aiyo.. i need lots of money right now..!!!~ any ideas of getting an instant money??? urgent reply needed!!~ hahaha..

extra note :

today i get a surprise visit from someone.. i thought it's was a joke when he said he's coming to have lunch with me.. so i'm ignoring him.. by the time i'm buying his invitation he's already waiting in front of my house... poor him, he need to wait more than half an hours (i guess) for me to have shower and getting ready..wkakakaka..amaran keras to all my friends.. len kali x yah lah surprise2 kalau xmo menunggu... hahaha.. thanx babes for the lunch..!

p/s: napa aq rasa rapuan aku kali berterabur??? hahaha