Thursday, January 30, 2014

I wish...

Monday, January 27, 2014

One day... I will travel the world!

My first overseas visit || my first flight


Ho chi minh, Vietnam

Perth, Australia

My first island visit || my first snorkeling
Pulau Lang Tengah, Terengganu.

Then ..
Pulai Tioman.

My first road trips || my first borneon visit
Miri- Brunei Darussalam - Lawas - Miri

Batu Pahat- Bangi- Ipoh- Kuala sepetang- Sungai Petani- Penang-Danok

I've been around most of the state here in Malaysia but never in Sabah..
Guess i need to pay Sabah a visit later..
Oh plus Kuching...
Plus Pualu Perhentian..
Plus Krabi..
Plus Singapore..
Plus Mabul island..
Plus India..
Plus Istanbul..
Plus Myanmar..
Plus Phuket...
Plus Philippine..
Plus Nepal..
Plus The United State..
Plus Melbourne..
Plus other part of Indonesia..
Plus Maldives ...
Plus the great malaysian forest and eco-resorts...

I just wanna travel the world!

Amongst all.. I wish I will be invited to the great land of Mecca..

One by one..

One by one..
I fought..
I faced..
I passed ..
And i survived..

One by one...

And I succeed all the trials..
But still...
I felt something left behind that i couldn't find...

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Nomadic Lion || Muar

Nomadic Lion 
|| David Atthowe || Betet Pesuy Tumena ||

Walking a country

Starting on the 10th of January they are going to walk the length of Peninsular Malaysia. The walk will cover a total distance of 1100km, a new record for Malaysia. 

They want to raise awareness and donations to help protect Borneo’s jungle and the people who live there.

They want to meet as many people as possible along the way and will be making a documentary of their journey. Their Route will take 58 days and is mostly on small back roads and visiting many kampung’s.

They are seeking people who might be able to give them somewhere to sleep for a night in any of the villages / towns they will visit along the way.

Anyone who could help them out in anyway please do get in touch, even if just to exchange a smile or offer a meal, they would love to meet you!

Contact them:
Facebook: Nomadic Lion
Twitter: Nomadic_lion
Linkedin: Nomadic Lion
Youtube: Nomadic Lion
Phone: 0109343114
Line: nomadiclion
Wechat: nomadiclion
Instagram: nomadiclion

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Little toes...

Little toes on the road..
With strength and hope..

Little toes on the road..
Getting lost in the route..

Little toes on the road..
Making friends around the globe...

Little toes on the road...
May you succeed i hope...

January 21st, 2014 || 0844am||

Wishing the guys from Nomadic Lion all the best on their '1100km from Johor to Perlis' project.
Have a Safe journey guys!